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Our story came from a petit girl who wants to make the world better.

She found out it happens when each of us truly loves and makes ourselves better.

And all starts from daily skin care.

Small things big effect.

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Dear Friends,

It seemed that I just woke up after a long sleep that I was forgotten while the whole world is celebrating Christmas & New Year count down.

I was so lost & depressed, maybe after 40s, don’t know why or maybe there’s a lot of things to carry and take care of. My health went down & I put on a lot of weight. I’m lazy in doing everything, even cleaning up or just self-care.

In the last few months, I only could maintain myself in the lowest or minimum mode everyday which I only make sure kids have food on table & fulfilled my tasks of the other job.

I even don’t want to check how this business is going.


This business is one of my dreams, but I didn’t care. I was so exhausted, so skeptical that I wanted to let go everything. I guessed not only me but a lot of you out there has experienced this period of your life not even once.

Now I understand wholeheartedly how it’s hard to move yourself & keep it moving. How it’s hard to lose weight, keep fit, skincare, get over a relationship, broken heart or it’s just to improve some conditions of you. When you’re not in there, you could never understand how much effort someone must put out to overcome themselves and be a better one.

I’ve been there so many times in my life but when I fall again, I still share the same shoot. It’s difficult!


I don’t want this article to sound so negative or depressing but just want to shout out “hey, I understand & want to give a big applaud & hug to every single one of us who could stand up & keep moving on no matter if it’s a big or just a small step”.


Time flies so fast! A while ago, I just wrote to you & put on some décor for my 2023 Christmas & New Year; boom, now 2024 count down just passed.

Winter, Spring, Summer, Falls & Winter again.

Another year is full of surprise, challenges & also opportunities.


Luckily, I hope I didn’t sleep so deep & I woke up not too late to continue pursuing my dreams, my happiness to help myself as well as others.


I hope each of you when reading this could have some motivation or inspiration to keep moving, keep exploring, keep building your inner strength, keep pursuing your dreams & happiness.


Let’s toast to 2024 to all Chic’s Families.

Thank you for over 2,000 lovely Customers that support our business.

Thank you Friends & Families.
Thank you Chic Beauty.

Thank you Myself.


Remember to stay hydrated, give your skin moisturizer and more nutrition with Chic Beauty Organic Total Perfection Serum.

Let Chic Beauty embrace your skin. It will give you the best condition to keep moving on to explore your inner strength & pursue your true happiness.

Special service:

- Name engraving

- Gift wrapping

- Customized message with handmade greeting card

* You just need to email to

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About Us

+ Committed to Quality: Quality should never be a compromise. From the most popular looks and brands, to the deepest cleansers and latest treatments, we bring it all to you! We are committed to being the only place you need to look great and maintain your healthy, beautiful look with premium natural & pure quality ingredients!

+ Satisfaction Guaranteed: We want you to be completely happy with your shopping experience from order to delivery with us. Quick and great customer service will reply any of your query within 24 hours. Just let us know what you need, we will satisfy you!

+ Look Great, Feel Great: We create a variety of essential products for every skin type and tone. From day to night and special occasions, we have your look covered! We only stock products made with natural occurring, organic ingredients that are healthy for you and for the planet.

+ Owned by Woman: Words have power. Action has power. Our skincare products have power.

The power of love that could change. Self mastery starts from loving your skin. 

Simple steps of taking care of your skin everyday are the miracle steps for you to start loving your self and change your life.

Beautify your skin, beautify your world.

About Us
Love your skin


Portrait of a Retro Girl


I'm made of the highest quality & 100% organic ingredients. I am the combination of great mind and beautiful heart. I've come from more than 39 years of living, studying, deeply listening to you & your skin. I know what you truly need and I'm here not only to beautify your skin but also to embrace you with my pure love.

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Karen S.

Beautiful product from outside in. The quality is top notch. I love it, love it, love it...


Coco Nguyen

Omg, so nice design, so feminine, so elegant. The serum quality is so smooth, light and quick absorbing. This is one in millions.



Give this 10 out of 10 for its design and quality. Really worth the money. Could feel the improvement in just 3 days!

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